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Assembly at the beginning of school hours, is to pray to the Almighty together for his blessings in the belief that faith in God is the beginning of all wisdom. All Meridians are essentially required to be present at the Assembly, a symbol of discipline in any academic institution.

Students are expected to come prepared with input materials if required for a particular activity.

Parents' co-operation is solicited to prevent unwanted wandering of students before or after school hours.

Teachers will help students to complete class work within the given time, and will check it the same day. We are determined, that each student is involved in all extra-curricular activities i.e. games, various competitions, skating, swimming etc.

Our survey has shown varied opinions of parents about Home Work. In our system the homework is the revision of class studies.

Physical training is given to the students for the development of an altogether fit personality.


The school provides bus/van/Rickshaw facility for the conveyance of students.

However, Parents may make their own arrangement for transportation of their wards to and from school.

Parents' co-operation is solicited to prevent unwanted wandering of students before or after school hours.

In unavoidable circumstances if school transport fails to reach in time, the parents are requested to drop their wards to school by own conveyance. However the school is committed to provide satisfactory transport service.

Transport cost:

Students are required to deposit their transport cost along with their tuition fee.

Computer Lab

A computer lab is a space where computer services are provided to a defined community. These are typically public libraries and Meridian institutions. Generally, users must follow a certain user policy to retain access to the computers.


The students will be motivated to become better readers, and they will be encouraged to make use of the class and school libraries. For the Meridians believe it is the books, always, that go all the way, with the learner to educate him than any Audio-visual aid or other technology.

Smart Class

The classroom is a room in the school building where lessons are taught to the students. All children who attend school go to the classroom daily to learn and meet with their fellow students and teachers and clear rules and expectations. Classroom expectations should be clear to all students

Sports Games

Playing various sports helps them teach life skills such as teamwork, leadership, accountability, patience, and self-confidence and prepares them to face life challenges. Students get a chance to work on their physical and mental abilities to achieve goals in their life.


Pairing is the process where you establish yourself as a reinforcer to build a positive relationship with your student. (a reinforcer is something a child likes) When pairing, you associate a neutral stimulus with something that is already reinforcing to the child.

Indoor Games

Indoor games and sports are a variety of structured games or competitive physical exercises, typically carried out either at home, in a well-sheltered building, or in a specially constructed sport venue such as a gym, a natatorium.

Safety and Hygiene

School hygiene or school hygiene education is a healthcare science, a form of the wider school health education. The primary aims of school hygiene education is to improve behavior through useful practices connected to personal, water, food, domestic and public hygiene.


Parent teacher meeting is an opportunity to exchange observation of a child with each other. Sharing daily experience and observation provide a wider prospect for parent and teacher to plan, prepare and execute planning for better learning outcome of a child.

School Uniform

The Boys/Girls school uniform is displayed in the display box at the Reception. Parents are advised to purchase the exact fabric & shades from the market, to help strengthen harmony.


The school aims to set up an environment which will help the students to acquire proper leadership skills, and to promote her/his creative talents. The process of learning will be fully incorporated through the co-curricular programme. The Cultural ethos and mores of our land will be cultivated through various programs of the school.

Special features:

Meridian focuses on igniting the unique talents, skills of the students and instills a habit of winning and also brings all round development among the students. We provide stimulating learning opportunities in a cheerful, healthy, caring, vibrant environment for developing self esteem, respect for others and sense of belonging in students. We create experience that develops lifelong skill to equip the child to face challenges with confidence.

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