It has been my long cherished dream to enter the vast ocean of global education and bring about revolutionary improvement in the system here in Lucknow, to produce not just LITERATES but COMPLETE HUMAN BEINGS. To this end with obsessive meditation I studied in detail the methodology and techniques of teaching currently in vogue in various states of our country. This was not sufficient, I felt, to quench my thirst for perfection. I studied the education system in developed countries through whatever means I could muster.

Having, thus, prepared myself, I looked for a proper name for the school that would continuously emburden and remind us of the ambitious undertaking.

I was struck with the challenging word MERIDIAN-The best of the best. I reiterate that for me education is not merely making a person literate. It is a multi-dimensional, all encompassing, total and absolute human development. And, therefore, as incomparably the very best, not only in academics but total personality. Our thrust areas along with studies would be:

  • Develop an integrated personality through intellectual, moral and physical development;
  • Civic education inclusive of social responsibilities and environmental awareness.
  • Inculcate moral values, in the light of our cultural ethics;
  • Self confidence and leadership skills through participation and involvement in co- curricular activities;
  • Grow up as patriotic and responsible citizens of this great country;
  • Intense interaction with students to correct any aberrations of conduct and character

On the face of it, it may appear rather unrealistic to aspire to achieve so much but with determination, will and resolve, I take it upon myself with due assistance of our learned meridians to ensure that we fulfill what we dream. And pray, with Almighty what strain of the stuff, what warpings past the aim! My times be in Thy hand! Perfect the cup as planned! Brawning:- Amend, what flaws may lurk

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Special features:

Meridian focuses on igniting the unique talents, skills of the students and instills a habit of winning and also brings all round development among the students. We provide stimulating learning opportunities in a cheerful, healthy, caring, vibrant environment for developing self esteem, respect for others and sense of belonging in students. We create experience that develops lifelong skill to equip the child to face challenges with confidence.

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