Happy 75th Republic Day!!

Embark on a spirited journey through our school's Republic Day rally, a vibrant procession that encapsulates the essence of national pride. Students, march in unison, carrying the national flag and banners symbolizing unity in diversity. Enthusiastic cheers resonate as the rally winds its way through the school grounds, showcasing a kaleidoscope of culture. The fervent atmosphere fosters a deep sense of patriotism, as participants and spectators alike join hands in celebrating the democratic values that bind our nation. The Republic Day rally at our school becomes a powerful testament to the strength and resilience of our democratic fabric.
The unfurling of the national flag, symbolizing the values of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity. Inspirational speeches by Manager, Teachers and students echo the importance of democracy and national unity. The school campus is adorned with tricolor decorations, creating an ambiance of pride and solidarity. Through various activities, students not only celebrate the historic significance of the day but also learn about the responsibilities that come with being citizens of a democratic nation.smiley
That's why "Meridian School is The Best School of Trans-Gomti, Lucknow."heart

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27 Jan 2024

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Meridian focuses on igniting the unique talents, skills of the students and instills a habit of winning and also brings all round development among the students. We provide stimulating learning opportunities in a cheerful, healthy, caring, vibrant environment for developing self esteem, respect for others and sense of belonging in students. We create experience that develops lifelong skill to equip the child to face challenges with confidence.

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